Dayvi Schuster // Arctek

Freelance web developer and
software consultant

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Software in more detail

I was always that one kid that loved taking things apart to see how they work. Much to the dismay of my mother who on multiple occasions found me disassembling expensive gifts, such as a brand new walkman or a remote controlled toy car.

Naturally I was always drawn to professions that not only allowed me to take stuff apart just to see how it works but also actively encouraged it, such as software development.

The very first piece of software that I’ve ever written was a console application at the age 13. It was a simple calculator and frankly speaking it was a complete trash. But it was the first step on my journey of curiosity. Soon after I started wondering how more complex graphical software was built, which lead to the next question and so on.

Which brings us here. You’re probably looking at this document and wondering what does this story have to do with anything. Well, that unique curiosity and will for discovery is one of my biggest strengths. It is also the reason why I am certain I could help you and your team reach your goals no matter what they may be.

I specialize in the following fields and skills:


This is my main field of expertise. The Dotnet stack has always been one of the most flexible and widely adaptable. Ever since the introduction of .NET core and the open sourcing of the .NET platform that flexibility and adaptability has only grown. I am comfortable taking on any project in C#. Be it a UI heavy application, written with technologies such as WPF, UWP, Xamarin, Uno, purely backend logic or even data science.


This is the language that I started with all those years ago. Over the years I have noticed less and less demand for C++, however I’m still staying up to date with the latests updates and standards of C++ due to the rising popularity of the Raspberry Pi which I gladly hack around with at home. I still get C++ project requests and it always brings a smile on my face when I do.


Python is the go to language for when you want to minimize development time or develop a proof of concept. It’s recent updates and performance gains allow it to be used at an enterprise level. With the growing demand for data science, python is more popular than ever and due to its simplicity and development speed it is one of the best languages suited for that kind of work.

JavaScript / React native / Electron

In the past 10 years the web development field has received the most popularity and growth. Thanks to this we have a large amount of highly skilled web developers in the world. Through projects such as Electron, React native etc, these web developers have been able to write desktop software using the skill set that they already possess, at the same time attracting software developers to try out a new alternative. Since I am both I am naturally drawn to these types of projects as well.


If you are familiar with .NET and C# you are naturally familiar with Java and the JVM. Often times used on Linux machines due to a lack of support from the .NET stack.