Dayvi Schuster // Arctek

Freelance web developer and
software consultant

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Mobile in more detail

With mobile applications you can interact with your target audience in a unique and personal way like never before. Everyone carries around a device that is exponentially more powerful than the very first computer I ever owned and it’s with them at all times. I will help you deliver your idea out of your head right into the pockets of your audience.

The tools that I utilize are:

Xamarin (C#)

Through Xamarin I can create cross platform compatible, fully native mobile applications that are easily maintainable and scalable. With Xamarin you can target a wide range of platforms such as iOS iPhone, Android, windows phone and even windows desktop. This allows you to only need to maintain a single codebase written entirely in C# with no need of hiring an additional Java/Swift developer or team.

React Native and Vue native

If you or your team prefer javascript as a language, I am confident in Vue and React native. Which much like Xamarin allows me to create cross platform fully native applications in a single language.

Progressive Web Applications or PWA’s

You already have a pretty smart and modern website or web application with a steady user base? Or do you want both a website and a mobile application but only have the budget or time constraint to finish one? Now you can have both at the same time. With PWA’s you can have users use your website or web application as a mobile application.