Prison sentance!

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Prison sentance!

Sounds like a prison sentance

As you may know I started the #100DaysOfCode challenge the other day. had a chat about it with some of my online collegues and friends, one of them mentioned that they thought it sounded a lot like a prison sentance. Commiting to writing at least 1h of code per day after an exhausting day at the office where I work as a software developer. Here's the thing I absolutely agree it does sound like a prison sentance, but these words rang in my head again as soon as I enter the office this morning. A boring dull grey workspace with terrible motivational and "funny" developer type printouts of the same tired jokes we all saw a million times already. here and there a couple of tables had a colourfull assortment of toys that you may otherwise find in a kindergarten or elementery school. From various throwing balls to rubix cubes and so on. It dawned on me why I accepted this challenge and why I commited to working so much on my side projects lately.

I already am serving my jail time

Not that my job is bad or that my co-workers are terrible or any of that, I love my job. But the office enviroment is soul crushing and creativity draining. Let's look at it this way when I work on my side projects 3,6,12h goes by in a blink of an eye I find myself still coding away at 23:00 thinking "no I don't to go to bed yet I really need to finish this one thing oh and then I could always do this, OH and that class over there needs improving". In essence I work better in a free and familiar enviroment when I have high freedom but also high responsibility. Meaning I can leave my desk at any time for a prolonged period of time come back and continue my work. I can work for 10h I can work for 3.

In fact speaking of working for only 3h I find too often that even during the 2-3h I set asside during the weekday for my side projects, I spent using better and more efficiently. I focus on work more and I enter a near medative state of coding and thus get more work done in those 3h than I ever do at the office. Not to say I'm slacking on purpose at the office but there is so much red tape, so many hoops to jump through, so many people to consider everytime you want to make a change and even when you finally can work on a task it's not too long before a client E-Mails you about something or other, somebody's phone rings, a meeting intervenes or any other typical office interruption.

So I had a bit of a lightbulb moment


What is this revalation you might ask? Well it's simply work my ass off, for the past 3 weeks I have been burning the midnight oil, setting up my new website, recording stuff for my upcoming youtube channel, coding up useful little experiments and so on and so forth. The plan is to give back to the community, to provide value to others by teaching and providing useful resources. The plan is to be the person that people come to for advice. And ultimately better my skills in areas that need improvement.

Wednesday 22 May 2019