First post!

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First post!

Hello there

well this took me longer than expected. The original and highly optimistic plan was to be done and finished with my website in a weekend and still have time for myself. That obviously did not happen. Not that it would be impossible, it was my perfectionism and OCD that ended up costing me valuable time.

Let me guide you a big through all that: The original idea was to build this website using CraftCMS just like I did with the previous version of my website. then some time passed and I thought well why not built it in a technology stack that I enjoy using and specialize in. So I took the template elements and threw them at .NET core MVC with the front end built in Vue.js. Well I enjoyed building it but it was growing complexer and complexer and I realised I was building my own custom CMS, not the project that I set out on doing. So I went a bit crazy and decided to get back to basic build the whole thing up in simple PHP and HTML. At the very end of that I decided that what I want and need can not be solved by PHP. So I finally settled on Node.js with Express.

All the while life, work and other unforseen problems kept getting in the way, much to my annoyance. Including a flat tire which we later discovered was probably done on purpose by somebody disgruntled with our parking choice ...we seriously need to move

So what's next?

Right so, I got a lot of plans for the future of this website and blog. Some I'm unsure of some are already in the making and some are just ideas floating around my head. But what I can say is that my current plan is to give back to the community at large and provide useful tips, resources, tutorials and opinions on things I specialize in and sometimes a few opinion pieces on things I don't specialize in, mix in a few writings about my hobbies here and there perhaps.

Saturday 18 May 2019