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ASP.NET Core Blog tutorial: The Backend

Now let's get into something that'll take us a bit longer. If you've ever used any famous blogging platform out there you know that each and every one of them has an admin panel

03 December 2019

ASP.NET Core Blog tutorial: Adding Markdown

I assume you're here to learn a lot more than just what we've covered so far, am I right?If you are, then let's start talk formatting.

01 December 2019

ASP.NET Core Blog tutorial: using LiteDB

Welcome back. In this part of the tutorial series we'll be covering storing and displaying our post data in NoSQL. Specifically we'll be using LiteDB

29 November 2019

Blog with ASP.NET C# The MVC

Glad you decided to stick around and learn more. Don't worry I'm not gonna bore you with a long story this time, no no this time we'll get straight to the good part from the get go.

26 November 2019

Coding a blog with ASP.NET Core and C#

Hello there! in this post we're gonna go over the basics of creating your own blogging system using C# specifically .NET Core 3.0.

25 November 2019

Dotnet vs. NodeJS

Hello there, you might be here because you wish to code up your shiny brand new blog, start writing articles that will captivate your readers and earn you a following, or perhaps you had an amazing idea for a brand new web application that will change everything, or maybe you simply wish to create a simple website to present yourself with

17 November 2019

Make a quick URL shortener in C#

In this short tutorial I will guide you through building our very own URL shortener. The language we'll be using will be C#

29 June 2019

Top 6 Best Hobbies For A Developer

We don't exactly live the healthiest of lifestyles. With our profession requiring us to sit at a desk for hours at a time, this affects us in multiple negative ways but it does not have to...

06 June 2019

Don't be a developer!

Correct Me if I'm Wrong But this was most likely your career path. You got interested in computers and technology at a very young age...

05 June 2019

The turbo-charged way to becoming a mobile developer

So You Wanna be a Mobile Developer huh? Who can blame you, it's an insanely fast evolving and opportunity rich market with tons of different career paths...

04 June 2019

Is dotnet worth learning in 2019?

The short and boring answer would be, yes. But I assume you're not here for a short and boring answer are you?

03 June 2019

First post!

Well this took me longer than expected. a lot longer even. The original plan was as with most great developer side projects to be done within a weekend. But as most developer side projects it took much much

18 May 2019