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Freelance web developer and
software consultant


Services What can I do for you?

Software efficient and optimised

Do you have a project that's been taking too long, deadline looming, an unoptimized codebase, a complex system and a lack of manpower? Do you have an amazing business or app idea but need someone to see it through?

With my years of experience as a freelance and fulltime software developer I can be a vital part to your success and help you achieve all that.

Web Modern and performant

Being ahead of today’s technology is crucial for business. With me you will be able to present your company in the best possible light and target your audience specifically.

By using the best practices I build fast but secure websites, web applications and custom built APIs that will consistently meet your or your client’s expectations.

Mobile fast and user focused

Bringing your business into mobile world is essential for its growth. I will help you with that by creating you a mobile application that is high quality and fully responsive.

I take great care to ensure each project meets all your needs, whether they are personal or enterprise.

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Hello there

I'm Dayvi Schuster, a freelance web and software developer with years of experience, working on projects all over the world. I specialize primarily in software, web and mobile app development.

What can I do?

I've build websites on a freelance basis for clients in Germany, Austria and Slovenia. During my years as a freelancer I have guided enterprises and individuals via software consulting to reach their desired project goals. I am truly passionate about web development and like to stay up to date with the latest standards and practices. My focus areas are innovation, security and speed.

Working with different people from individuals to large corporations helped me become the software expert that I am now. Always finding the best creative solutions for each individual software problem using optimized processes. I'm consistently delivering only the top products that meet the specific business needs of my clients.

Testimonials what others say about me?

Knowledgeable, helpful and full of useful advice, Dayvi was quick to reply to my messages and never late on a deadline. Also, a thoroughly nice bloke.
As a developer I come to Dayvi when I can’t solve a problem. He’s always happy to help and he really knows his craft. I’d recommend him in a heartbeat.
Dayvi shows an unparalleled knowledge of clean, well written code that's performs as well as it looks. An asset to any project.

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